Later this month Ventas Managing Director Pete Evans will be interviewing Objective Management Group (OMG) CEO Dave Kurlan about the importance and value in using sales evaluations to support the development of salespeople during a live webinar.

OMG are the leader of sales evaluations and sales candidate assessments. Dave Kurlan is expert in all facets of sales, sales leadership, sales strategy, sales process, sales recruiting, sales training, coaching and consulting. Ventas is an award winning OMG partner.

In this interactive interview, hosted by the Association of Professional Sales on 30th October, Dave and Pete will share their thoughts on the importance of using sales assessments to evaluate salespeople to help support the drive for improved sales performance.

Research shows that increasing numbers of salespeople are struggling to hit their sales quotas, despite the fact that investment in traditional sales training continues. Mindset accounts for 80 per cent of success in sales. Dealing with and understanding the mindset issues of everyone in sales can provide you with a real springboard to help grow sales.

Using  a scientific way of identifying the mindset issues and what prevents salespeople from consistently executing a sales process, sales strategy, enables you to coach salespeople more effectively. Not dealing with the mindset issues has dramatic implications for sales teams and salespeople.

Key takeaways:

  1. Learn how to gain insights into the mindset of your salespeople
  2. Learn the key mindset issues which get in the way of sales success
  3. Learn that you can coach salespeople on the mindset issues

For more information about this webinar and how to register then please click on the link below.