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Become Fluent in Sales

We’re passionate about the profession of selling
& raising the performance & results of sales

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developed from extensive research.
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Certified Partner
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Featured Partner
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Become Fluent in Sales

Ventas is an award-winning team of experienced sales people, business people, trainers and managers who are passionate about the profession of selling and raising the performance and results of sales organisations.

Real people. Real experience. Real results.

We work with growth-oriented CEOs and executive sales leaders seeking tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Those who are change-minded and willing to invest in their sales organisation in order to reach peak performance.

Combining sales specific research and proven best practices, we will provide you with a clear path to achieve your sales and business goals.

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Our clients typically increase their sales by 35% within 12 months
of working with us

Our Partners & Tools

We partner with renowned organisations that provide world-class, sales specific assessment tools to help our clients grow revenue.

Innovative, world-leading tools & strategies for enduring change & exceptional results.

Put the science into selling

A holistic approach to sales development using research-backed methodologies for measurable results.

Objective Management Group
Pioneering assessment tools to maximise sales team performance.

Understand & Improve Your Salespeople

OMG’s assessment tools are used by more than 11,000 companies & on 1m salespeople. 

Enable your sales team with award-winning softare trusted by clients in over 60 countries.


A complete sales effectiveness platform that enables you to develop a milestone-based, informative & actionable sales process & methodology.

Reveal the decisive moments of all your sales conversations.


Profile coachable insight on every rep on every call, to improve performance and revenue.


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1607, 2019

Why a lack of a consultative sales approach can hurt your company

By |July 16th, 2019|Sales, Sales Process|

Research from the Objective Management Group involving over 1.1 million salespeople tells us that the lowest performing 10 percent of salespeople have less than 42 percent of the consultative sell skills need to succeed. In short, businesses that continue to use old, outdated sales models will struggle to make headway in their sales and to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Could this be you? If you’re at your wits end trying to keep your sales quota above water, it’s a sure sign that something needs to change. And a consultative sales approach is likely the answer. Here’s why: 1. It beats relationship selling, hands down In many parts of the world, relationship selling is the preferred selling strategy. What many people don’t know, or realise, is that it is extremely ineffective. “We’ve seen plenty of instances where salespeople call on clients for [...]

107, 2019

Consultative selling vs The Challenger method: which is better?

By |July 1st, 2019|Personal Development, Sales, Sales People, Sales Process|

In 2011, a new piece of sales research took the sales industry by storm: The Challenger Sale. With it came a new sales method touted as the best way to sell in the modern age, but how good is it really? It’s time to take a look at how well it stacks up next to its very close cousin, consultative selling. What is The Challenge Sale method? The Challenger Sale method is all about challenging the status quo. Rather than relying on the extremely ineffective relationship selling approach, The Challenger method takes control of the sale and proactively educates their customers with insights into how a customer can save and make money. This usually comes in the form of finding problems in a customer’s business and then following up with a tailored solution to help the customer address that problem. “Rather than being everybody's [...]

1806, 2019

Consultative selling vs solution selling

By |June 18th, 2019|Personal Development, Sales, Sales Process|

Many salespeople seem to believe that consultative selling and solution selling are the same thing. They’re right––to a point. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here’s why. What is solution selling? Solution selling is, as its name suggests, focused on finding out what a customer’s needs are, then selling them a solution, in the form of a product or service (or a combination of both), to meet those needs. It came into existence in the 1980s and was fuelled to fame thanks to the success of Xerox, who used this approach. Since then, it has gone through several reincarnations, including SPIN selling, RAIN selling and Customer Centric Selling, but at their core, these strategies all share the same solution selling methodology. Like many other modern sales strategies, solution selling avoids talking about ‘features and benefits’ in its pitch. Instead, its conversation remains [...]

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