Sales & management assessment with customised coaching to help you grow revenue with confidence.

STEP 1: Analyse your Sales

We get clarity on the actual problems effecting sales growth by objectively assessing your sales team, systems, process and metrics for alignment with global best practice.

STEP 2: Plan for Success

We develop an “Actionable” plan with you that gives confidence and clarity on what needs to happen to grow sales.

Sales Plan

STEP 3: Sales Process

We develop with you and your team a best practice sales process specific to your business to ensure consistency and repeatability. Mapping back to your customers buying journey.

Sales Process

STEP 4: Establish KPIs & Sales Systems

We work with you to pin point the metrics that are crucial to the sustainable growth of your business ensuring we have leading indicators that drive the activity needed to exceed targets.

Sales KPIs

STEP 5: Develop Effective Sales Managers

We work with Sales Managers to develop them into the “Super Coach” inside your business, combined with strong accountability and motivational skills development. They play a vital role in changing behaviour of your sales team.

Develop Effective Sales Managers

STEP 6: Recruit the right people

We provide you with the support you need to bring on Sales A Players into your team. From writing the killer ad all the way through to the 90 Day onboarding plan we help you avoid the “Sales Ghost”.

Recruit the right people

STEP 7: Sales Mindset

We will support you to improve the sales mindset of the managers and their sales teams. Increasing their “Will to Sell” and removing psychological barriers that hold sales people back from achieving their full potential.

Sales Mindset

STEP 8: Develop Solid Sales Skills

We have customised training & coaching plan that fit your budget. Our blended learning is delivered in bite size chunks and is customised to the needs of your business to ensure you get behavioural change and growth.

Develop Solid Sales Skills

STEP 9: Coach for Performance = 50 % of the Managers Time

Coaching keeps sales teams optimised for performance. Their minds are set to win, their skills honed, and they are focused on executing your sales process. Leading to strong, consistent sales growth.

Sales Coaching

Our clients typically increase their sales by 35% within 12 months
of working with us

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