Consultative selling vs solution selling

Many salespeople seem to believe that consultative selling and solution selling are the same thing. They’re right––to a point. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here’s why. What is solution selling? Solution selling is, as its name suggests, focused on finding out what a customer’s needs are, then selling them a solution, in [...]

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Consultative selling vs value based selling

Is it time for value-based selling to bow its head to consultative? For the third round of our sales strategy showdown, we’re examining the merits of value-based selling and how it compares to the consultative approach. What is value-based selling? Value-based selling focuses on highlighting the measurable business values a product or service will bring to [...]

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Coach The Sale Podcast – Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset

Ventas MD Pete Evans was recently interviewed by Matt Hayman from Refract as part of their ‘Coach The Sale’ Podcast series. In this episode, Pete discusses how to develop a sales coaching culture and mindset among your team, as well as yourself. The episode will also address the following topics: Is “Sales Coaching” more than [...]

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3 ways to become a trusted consultative sales advisor

While the foundation of consultative selling is to enhance client profits, it’s near impossible to do that if the customer doesn’t trust you first. And establishing yourself as a trusted advisor starts with your very first point of contact with your client. If you want to achieve the coveted “trusted advisor” status, follow these three consultative [...]

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The 7 best questions to reveal your client’s needs

If you’re looking to start selling consultatively, you’ll need to master the art of Socratic questioning. If you’re stumped on what questions to ask clients and how to structure your approach to uncover their problems, look no further. Here’s what you need to know. But first, what makes a “great question” in consultative selling? The goal [...]

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Want laser-focused sales growth? It starts with a sales analysis

Imagine you’re ill. Not the head-cold kind of ill, but the chest-pain kind. You go to the doctor, who immediately schedules you for open heart surgery that afternoon. Following doctor’s orders, you go, get sedated and allow a surgeon to investigate your vital inner workings. The diagnosis? Indigestion! You’ve just wasted however many thousands of dollars [...]

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Ventas Scoops OMG Partner Award

Last week our MD Pete Evans attended the annual Objective Management Group (OMG) International Partners Conference in Boston, Massachusetts where Ventas was named the leading UK partner of Objective Management Group. This award recognises the contribution that Ventas has made to the sales of OMG products and services to UK-based businesses in 2018. Commenting on [...]

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Ian Mackenzie Joins Ventas

We are delighted to announce that Ian Mackenzie, a certified SalesStar coach, will be joining the Ventas team. Ian is based in New Zealand but is originally from the UK and will be spending two months in the UK this summer. High growth businesses who are passionate about growing sales will have the opportunity to work [...]

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How to develop a sales process: 4 steps you need to know

The sales process is the epicentre of everything in sales—getting it wrong can send shockwaves through your business. A lack of process means salespeople constantly wing it, sales cycles linger on for what seems like forever, and sales leaders are left frustrated and unable to manage their teams. All this translates to inconsistent sales results, a [...]

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KPIs and sales systems: the essential tools for effective selling

As the founder of modern management, Peter Drucker, once said, “What gets measured gets improved.” Without a set of sales KPIs and an effective system to track and monitor them, a sales team is operating without knowing where the goal posts are. It’s a recipe for inconsistent results. The lack of clarity affects all levels of a [...]

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