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What is your sales value proposition? Does it work?

In today’s highly commoditised global market, if a company doesn’t have a sales value proposition then it is unlikely they will be successful and achieve growth.  But even if you do have a value proposition – it doesn’t necessarily mean it is effective, as there are certainly both good and very bad ones out there. Here’s [...]

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Forget talent and charisma: consistency is the key to sales success

The ‘successful salesperson stereotype’ is widely recognised throughout the sales community and society at large.  It's an image of someone confident, charismatic and quick-witted with a brilliant smile, and an approachable manner. Sure, these qualities make for an excellent salesperson – especially if you throw a positive mindset into the mix. However, if this person lacks [...]

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Why is your sales team experiencing delayed closings?

For a business owner, CEO and sales manager, there is nothing more frustrating than experiencing delayed closings on forecasted sales (maybe other than getting sales into the pipeline, to begin with). The thing is, there are many potential reasons why this happens. However, before you can work out how to deal with it, you need to [...]

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Santa CEO – Ventas Christmas Ad [Video]

Santa, CEO - The Ventas Christmas Ad You know how it’s not really Christmas until you see the Coca-Cola truck advert? Well, we’re hoping that feeling will soon become synonymous with the Ventas Christmas Ad - yes, that’s right, the same one we showed you last year. This year we did a perfectly cheery new Christmas [...]

Watch your business grow with sales systems

If you need ideas to improve sales, the fastest way to boost business growth is to enable sales systems throughout your organisation. Successful sales systems create efficiencies, saving you time and money and helping you keep sales performance on the right track. Some examples of sales systems include: An effective sales process. CRM software. Marketing tools such as [...]

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Five problems caused by a lack of sales systems

Consistent, ongoing success in sales is rarely thanks to luck. Most of the time, it’s thanks to robust sales systems. When you have formal systems in place to support your sales reps – such as a sales process – you are more likely to achieve predictable, steady revenue growth. When these systems are lacking, the opposite is often true. [...]

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How can you beat the dominant competitor in your industry?

In this guest post, Paul O’Donohue, CEO & Founder of Sales Star, uses England's win over the All Blacks to highlight just how important it is to have a game-plan or strategy in business as well as sport.    England beat the mighty All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup. Right from the get-go the [...]

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Why a sales process without a buyer’s journey will fail

The journey that a buyer takes to evaluate and make a purchase has changed significantly over the past 10 to 20 years. Unfortunately, the sales process within many organisations – particularly ones that are large and well established – remain traditional in their approach. Businesses that choose to ignore changing consumer behaviour are putting future growth and sales [...]

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4 mistakes that lead to an ineffective sales process

All too often salespeople are told that in order to achieve their sales targets they need to network and build relationships, assist potential clients with decision making, or confirm joint commitments. Encapsulating all of this is the sales process, which includes the tasks mentioned above. It will also incorporate what the Head of Sales deems is [...]

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