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Five problems caused by a lack of sales systems

Consistent, ongoing success in sales is rarely thanks to luck. Most of the time, it’s thanks to robust sales systems. When you have formal systems in place to support your sales reps – such as a sales process – you are more likely to achieve predictable, steady revenue growth. When these systems are lacking, the opposite is often true. [...]

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How can you beat the dominant competitor in your industry?

In this guest post, Paul O’Donohue, CEO & Founder of Sales Star, uses England's win over the All Blacks to highlight just how important it is to have a game-plan or strategy in business as well as sport.    England beat the mighty All Blacks in the Rugby World Cup. Right from the get-go the [...]

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Why a sales process without a buyer’s journey will fail

The journey that a buyer takes to evaluate and make a purchase has changed significantly over the past 10 to 20 years. Unfortunately, the sales process within many organisations – particularly ones that are large and well established – remain traditional in their approach. Businesses that choose to ignore changing consumer behaviour are putting future growth and sales [...]

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4 mistakes that lead to an ineffective sales process

All too often salespeople are told that in order to achieve their sales targets they need to network and build relationships, assist potential clients with decision making, or confirm joint commitments. Encapsulating all of this is the sales process, which includes the tasks mentioned above. It will also incorporate what the Head of Sales deems is [...]

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Recruiting sales reps? Then it’s a good time to rethink your sales recruitment strategy

Gut feel is not a recruitment strategy. Yet, many organisations still rely on it to recruit their salespeople. It’s a hit and (mostly) miss strategy, and it can severely impact a company’s ability to grow. Onboarding an ineffective salesperson is not going to help you hit your growth targets. However, a solid sales recruitment strategy will. [...]

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Why a lack of a consultative sales approach can hurt your company

Research from the Objective Management Group involving over 1.1 million salespeople tells us that the lowest performing 10 percent of salespeople have less than 42 percent of the consultative sell skills need to succeed. In short, businesses that continue to use old, outdated sales models will struggle to make headway in their sales and to differentiate [...]

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Consultative selling vs solution selling

Many salespeople seem to believe that consultative selling and solution selling are the same thing. They’re right––to a point. But there’s a lot more to it than that. Here’s why. What is solution selling? Solution selling is, as its name suggests, focused on finding out what a customer’s needs are, then selling them a solution, in [...]

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Consultative selling vs value based selling

Is it time for value-based selling to bow its head to consultative? For the third round of our sales strategy showdown, we’re examining the merits of value-based selling and how it compares to the consultative approach. What is value-based selling? Value-based selling focuses on highlighting the measurable business values a product or service will bring to [...]

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The 7 best questions to reveal your client’s needs

If you’re looking to start selling consultatively, you’ll need to master the art of Socratic questioning. If you’re stumped on what questions to ask clients and how to structure your approach to uncover their problems, look no further. Here’s what you need to know. But first, what makes a “great question” in consultative selling? The goal [...]

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