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Coach The Sale Podcast – Developing A Sales Coaching Culture and Mindset

Ventas MD Pete Evans was recently interviewed by Matt Hayman from Refract as part of their ‘Coach The Sale’ Podcast series. In this episode, Pete discusses how to develop a sales coaching culture and mindset among your team, as well as yourself. The episode will also address the following topics: Is “Sales Coaching” more than [...]

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3 ways to become a trusted consultative sales advisor

While the foundation of consultative selling is to enhance client profits, it’s near impossible to do that if the customer doesn’t trust you first. And establishing yourself as a trusted advisor starts with your very first point of contact with your client. If you want to achieve the coveted “trusted advisor” status, follow these three consultative [...]

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Recruiting a sales manager: Are you identifying the right competencies? 

Following our attendance at the recent Objective Management Group International Partners Conference, we have decided to share more of the great data from OMG's data warehouse. This week we wanted to share some of the findings about sales managers. The graphic below highlights the fact that experienced sales managers are only marginally better than less experienced [...]

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Creating effective sales managers: are your leaders actually leading?

Sales have a problem—or rather, a shortage. Effective sales leaders are hard to find. Research from over 100,000 sales managers has found that 18 percent of all sales managers should not be in the role and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The significance of sales leadership From a lackluster culture to ineffective salespeople, poor leadership and [...]

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“Growing people is key to growing sales”: coaching for sales performance

Not coaching a sales team is like putting 91 petrol into a high-performance car. It’s going to strain the engine, reduce its performance and make it less economical to run. Why coach? Coaching keeps sales teams optimised for performance. Their minds are set to win, their skills honed, and they are focused on executing your sales [...]

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Why customer service training is crucial for fuelling sales

In most organisations, the customer service department and the sales team are two separate entities. But in actual fact, they should be treated as part of a customer cycle, and not be divided in their purpose or function. Why? Because together there is a greater capacity to fuel sales even further, and this is a key [...]

Santa CEO – The 2018 Ventas Christmas Ad [Video]

The 2018 Ventas Christmas Ad - Santa, CEO Forget Elton John, Kevin the Carrot, singing delivery boxes or traveling teddy bears... we got the man himself, Santa (well, some of his understudies), the only person on the planet who doesn't need to work on their business next year.

What is consultative selling—and why is it good for business?

In a world where new marketing strategies enter the market every other week, often touted as the next and best, consultative selling still continues to outperform all other B2B sales strategies. The catch? You’ve got to do it right. What is consultative selling? SalesStar defines it as a sales strategy that focuses on “enhancing client profits”. [...]

Hector Increases Client Share in Hampshire

As the first Sales Development Specialist to join the business, Hector Sewell has been leading the Ventas Sales charge in the south for nearly 12 months now. Based in Southampton, Hector is a self-motivated, successful and globally experienced Sales Director with skills in addressing challenges in sales process, leadership, strategy and management. Hector is known for [...]

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Want better sales skills? Stop these 10 insane sales tactics

Could these insane sales tactics be working against you? If you really want to know how to close a sale, put a stop to these ten bad sales habits: 1. Calling prospects without adequate research It always pays to be prepared. Invest plenty of energy into researching quality leads, so your sales reps know who they’re calling [...]

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