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Recruiting a sales manager: Are you identifying the right competencies? 

Following our attendance at the recent Objective Management Group International Partners Conference, we have decided to share more of the great data from OMG's data warehouse. This week we wanted to share some of the findings about sales managers. The graphic below highlights the fact that experienced sales managers are only marginally better than less experienced [...]

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Ventas Scoops OMG Partner Award

Last week our MD Pete Evans attended the annual Objective Management Group (OMG) International Partners Conference in Boston, Massachusetts where Ventas was named the leading UK partner of Objective Management Group. This award recognises the contribution that Ventas has made to the sales of OMG products and services to UK-based businesses in 2018. Commenting on [...]

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Ian Mackenzie Joins Ventas

We are delighted to announce that Ian Mackenzie, a certified SalesStar coach, will be joining the Ventas team. Ian is based in New Zealand but is originally from the UK and will be spending two months in the UK this summer. High growth businesses who are passionate about growing sales will have the opportunity to work [...]

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How Calling Less Prospects Will Get You More Clients

Cold calling is tough. As we have touched on in our other blogs there is always rejection to contend with, hence having the right mindset, routines and doing the preparation required is vital. When it’s tough regardless of who you are talking to, it makes sense to talk to the people who are most likely to [...]

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Why customer service training is crucial for fuelling sales

In most organisations, the customer service department and the sales team are two separate entities. But in actual fact, they should be treated as part of a customer cycle, and not be divided in their purpose or function. Why? Because together there is a greater capacity to fuel sales even further, and this is a key [...]

Santa CEO – The 2018 Ventas Christmas Ad [Video]

The 2018 Ventas Christmas Ad - Santa, CEO Forget Elton John, Kevin the Carrot, singing delivery boxes or traveling teddy bears... we got the man himself, Santa (well, some of his understudies), the only person on the planet who doesn't need to work on their business next year.

Want the best sales process? Start with a solid strategic foundation

A sales department is the engine of your business. As a sum of interlocking and connected parts, if something goes amiss it stops operating at full strength (or just ceases altogether). That's why it needs a solid system to run off – your sales process. To keep ahead of the game, you need a solid, strategic [...]

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Pete Evans Joins Client at Halifax Business Awards

On Friday evening, Ventas Managing Director Pete Evans attended the Halifax Courier Business Awards, as a guest of our client Vizulate Digital.  Vizulate Digital, who as well as being a client are also our appointed digital marketing agency, sponsored the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ category, which was won by Phil Bates, of Hebden Bridge-based Zikodrive Motor Controllers.. [...]

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Why sales leadership training is a must for 93 per cent of sales leaders

Once the strategic foundations of your sales plan have been laid, the next vital step is to ensure your sales leaders are capable of executing the strategy. Unfortunately, most sales managers simply don’t have the skills necessary to lead their team to success. So why is there a such a large disparity between those who have the right [...]

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Why sales recruitment is a science, not a challenge

In 2014, Hot Springs Spas blew their annual sales records out of the water. Until then, the highest number of units sold in a year had been 109. In 2014, three of the company’s new recruits sold 153, 126 and 103 units respectively, with very little tenure in the business. Why the sudden and dramatic increase in sales? [...]

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