Identify your ideal target market to achieve sales goals

Every business should have clarity on their ideal target market – and before you say that your customer is anyone who will buy your product and/or service, this isn’t best practice. We often see salespeople targeting the wrong prospects, they spin their wheels wasting time and bringing on business that is not conducive to reaching their [...]

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Developing sales KPIs and dashboards

In some sales organisations, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are seen as the enemy – something that only brings negative feelings with them, particularly when they aren’t achieved. But developing sales KPIs are an integral part of the sales process, and on an individual basis, they set in place the action required for salespeople. If set up [...]

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Why you want a challenger on your sales team to increase gross profit

Why challenger salespeople are important Some may see it as being competitive, and some might think of it as a form of aggressive behaviour. But when it comes to sales, there is no doubt that the challenger is someone you want to have on your team. Why? Let us explain. A survey of 6,000 sales reps [...]

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Your sales plan: your roadmap to sales success

After completing a sales analysis, you should have a good understanding of what’s working and not working for your sales team and your business at large. It’s now time to strategically hone-in on the weak points and create a plan to develop these areas—and set your growth targets. This is your sales plan; it’s one part [...]

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Overcoming the skills gap: 6 steps to develop solid sales skills

Not having the right set of skills and knowledge will hamstring any team—no matter how good their mindset is. Training up sales reps to ensure they have the necessary skills to perform in their role is vital, but it’s not always easy. The skills salespeople tend to lack Getting in front of the target market: Selling does [...]

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Our secret recipe for a triumphant sales team

We help businesses create triumphant sales teams – and we’re willing to share our secret recipe for success with you. Our recipe is simple yet effective: we put the science into selling. Some businesses rely on luck, intuition and good faith. Others rely on hard work, long hours and hoping for the best. We rely on science [...]

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Santa CEO – Ventas Christmas Ad [Video]

Santa, CEO - The Ventas Christmas Ad You know how it’s not really Christmas until you see the Coca-Cola truck advert? Well, we’re hoping that feeling will soon become synonymous with the Ventas Christmas Ad - yes, that’s right, the same one we showed you last year. This year we did a perfectly cheery new Christmas [...]

Slow sales? You might need a new sales process

Is business slowing down? Are you experiencing sluggish revenue growth? It might be time to review your sales process. Despite most sales leaders believing they have a good process, a recent survey of hundreds of salespeople and managers across Australasia showed that in reality only 3 percent of salespeople have a strong, milestone-centric sales process in place. [...]

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Watch your business grow with sales systems

If you need ideas to improve sales, the fastest way to boost business growth is to enable sales systems throughout your organisation. Successful sales systems create efficiencies, saving you time and money and helping you keep sales performance on the right track. Some examples of sales systems include: An effective sales process. CRM software. Marketing tools such as [...]

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6 Sure signs you need a better sales coaching solution

Sales grow when people grow. In order to produce a high performing sales team, sales managers need to spend at least 50 per cent of their time coaching their reps. What’s more alarming is that an assessment of over 100,000 sales managers shows they have just 44 per cent of the skills necessary to coach their team. Many sales [...]

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